Adobe Animate CC - StoryboardingDermot O Connor2024Animation
Designing Interactive Infographics with Adobe AnimateJoseph Labrecque2024Animation
Adobe Animate Essential TrainingJoseph Labrecque2024Animation
Getting Started with Premiere Pro for the Non-Video ProRichard Harrington2023Video
Smarter Workflows with InDesign and Word Anne-Marie Concepción 2022 Graphic design
Glyphs App Essential Training Charles Nix 2022  Fonts, Typography
Design a Condensed Sans Serif Typeface Charles Nix 2022  Fonts, Typography
Learning Type Design Charles Nix 2022 Fonts, Typography
Creating Your First Font with Fontself Maker Nigel French 2022 Fonts, Typography
Drawing Vector Graphics:  Patterns (2014) Von Glitschka 2019 Illustration
Learning Logo Design Von Glitschka 2021 Graphic design
Drawing Simplified Maps in Illustrator (2018) Tony Harmer 2018 Illustration
Learning Infographic Design(2015) Amy Balliett 2021 Illustration, Graphic design
DataVisualization: Storytelling Bill Shander 2021 Illustration, Graphic design
CSS Layouts:  From Float to Flexbox and Grid Christina Truong 2021  Webdesign
InDesignCC 2019 New Features Anne-Marie Concepción 2018 Graphic design
Drawing Vector Graphics:  Isometric Illustration Von Glitschka 2018 Illustration
Getting Started in After Effects for InDesign Users Mark Christiansen 2022 Graphic design
Illustrator on the iPad: Typography and Type Effects Nigel French 2021 Illustration, Typography
Data Visualization: Best Practices (2017) Amy Balliett 2021 Illustration, Graphic design
Creating Illustrator Infographics (2019) Tony Harmer 2021 Illustration, Graphic design
Designing an Infographic (2014) Nigel French 2021 Illustration, Graphic design
Drawing Vector Graphics:  Iconography Von Glitschka 2021 Illustration, Graphic design
Typography: Choosing and Combining Typefaces Ina Saltz okt. 2021 Typografie, Graphic design
Building Responsive Forms with Flexbox James Williamson 2021 Webdesign, CSS
Designing a Poster with Custom Brushes in Illustrator Kevin Stohlmeyer 2020 Illustration, Graphic design
WordPress: Workflows Joe Casabona 2020 Webdesign, Wordpress
Illustrator:  Tracing Artwork Justin Seeley 2020 Illustration
WordPress5 Essential Training: Site Administration Morten Rand-Hendriksen 2020 Webdesign, Wordpress
WordPress 5 Essential Training Morten Rand-Hendriksen 2020 Webdesign, Wordpress
Design a Compelling Presentation John Mc Wade 2020 Graphic design
PowerPoint: Animating Text and Objects for Beginners Garrick Chow 2020 General, Graphic design
Evan Cheng Character Designer Evan Cheng 2019 Graphic design
Photoshop:  Coloring Comic Book Characters Ben Bishop 2019 Illustration
Illustrator:  Using Wacom Tablets Kevin Stohlmeyer 2019  Illustration
Learning Character Developmentand Design Mary Jane2019 Graphic design
Comic Books:  Digital Inking and Refinement Ben Bishop 2019 Illustration
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QuarkXPress 2016 Essential Training Mike Rankin 2018Graphic design
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Creative Inspirations:  Natalie Fobes, Photographer Natalie Fobes 2018 Photography, General
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Insights on Long Term Photojournalism Projects Paul Taggart 2018Photography
Storytelling through Unconventional Portraiture Paul Taggart 2018 Photography
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Portrait Photography: Ten Styles with OneLight LeviSim sep. 2018 Photography
Embracing Change: Chris Do and the Work of Blind Chris Do aug.  2018 General
Adonna Khare Large Scale Art AdonnaKhare 2018 Art
Creating Web Icons with SVG Morten Rand-Hendriksen 2018 Webdesign
Photo Essay:  Telling a Family Story Paul Taggart 2018Photography
Insights on Photo journalism Paul Taggart 2018Photography
Portrait Photography: Business Portraits Robert Vanelli 2018Photography
Adobe Illustrator: Variable Data John Garrett 2018Graphic design, Illustration
WordPress: Accessibility(2015) Joe Dolson 2018 Webdesign, Wordpress

As a freelancer I have worked for various clients through different advertising agencies:

Work experience
Illustrator, Graphic designer, Visual artistIndependent / Owner2006 - present
International Management Forum (parttime)Graphic designer2007 - 2009
Target AdvertisingGraphic designer, dtp-er2005 - 2006
Wegener SuurlandDtp-er, graphic designer2002 - 2005
GrafiSIS en AdvieSIS BVSales employee, graphic designer2000 - 2002
Van der Feesten FotografieSales employee, photo lab employee1999 - 2001
Academy of Visual DesignAutonomous artist, Specializations in drawing and paintingTilburg1995-1999
Sint LucasAdvertising and Presentation TechniquesBoxtel1991-1995

Jacomijn den EngelsenVisual Artist, graphics1998
Paul Verspaget Grafische vormgevingGraphic design1995
Studio SchootDisplaying, decorating, developing decorations, lettering1995