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Richly illustrated booklet about respect

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Björn Kuipers on respect

The booklet consists of a collection of illustrations, comics and stories that all have to do with values ​​and norms. They were created by listening carefully to students in group eight of primary school. They presented us with the topics.

The design, illustrations and typography are by me, supplemented with nice comics by Charles van den Broek and a painting by Henk van Heerebeek.
The booklet about respect can be ordered free of charge by primary schools for students of group 8. More information can be found on the website:

Honor where honor is due

First edition:: mei 2019
©2019 Positon, Björn Kuipers, various authors
Typography and graphic design: Maarten van den Beemt
Press: De Bink B.V. Leiden
Editorial commission: Evert Franken, Gert-Jan Siebelink, Madelon Spoor
Final editing: Isabelle Appel, Anne Leendertse
Illustrations: Maarten van den Beemt
Painting Björn: Henk van Heerebeek
Comics: Charles van den Broek
Namens SIRE: Lucy van der Helm
On behalf of VU Amsterdam: Paul van Lange
Literature: Dunn, E.W., Aknin, L.B., & Norton, M.I. (2008). Spending money on others promotes happiness. Science, 319, 1687-1688.
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With special thanks to SIRE for there advice..

In collaboration with children: Pien Busscher, Belen Holl, Sander Korbeld, Elvira Krikke, Izzie van Leest, Malcolm van Plateringen, Fréderique Pouw, Thije Siebelink, Rogier Zoomer.

This publication was made possible thanks to the financial support of ARAG Nederland.