Happy children’s routes Deurne

Cheerful routes in the municipality of Deurne

for children aged 4-12 years

Map with routes

Set with children’s routes municipality of Deurne
Set with children’s routes municipality of Deurne

​Glimpses of Deurne

Cover Deurnese views
Glimpses of Deurne, outside
Glimpses of Deurne, inside

Expedition Zandbos

Cover Expedition Zandbos
Expedition Zandbos, outside
Expedition Zandbos, inside

Happy Peat hopping

Cover Happy peat hopping
Happy peat hopping, inside
Happy peat hopping, outside

Cheerful children’s routes, Municipality of Deurne.

We have realized a folder for the Municipality of Deurne with three cheerful children’s routes. The routes have their own character. We used different approaches for the content of the three routes. namely:

Expedition Zandbos: A route that introduces children to nature. The route playfully deals with the principles of survival in nature, about tracking, the compass and how you can see what time it is without a smartphone or watch. Fun and educational.

In Deurnese views a number of buildings and places are highlighted in and around the center of Deurne. In the map, among other things, the great castle, Holten’s mill and Museum de Wieger are mentioned in a playful way.

The third map Happy Peat hopping has a historical slant and is about peat, peat cutting, animals and plants, and Toon Kortooms (the well-known Dutch writer of Beekman and Beekman, among others) who grew up in this area, is also briefly discussed.