Illustrations for the guidance of improvement and change processes of companies and business operations.
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Sustainable solutions for business processes

KSL-Solutions focuses on sustainable solutions for business processes. KSL supports companies that want to change and improve in a human and effective way. The development of the illustrations has also been a process. We took the time to find the right bright, light look. So that the illustrations help to convey information in a light-hearted and effective way. The illustrations are used in books, folders, presentations and on the website of KSL-Solutions.

The process

The initial proposals for the illustrations were quite detailed. We came to the conclusion that they were not neutral enough. In the second proposal, the illustrations have been simplified a bit. These are already heading in the right direction, but it’s not quite the look we were looking for. Finally, I made a third proposal that met the requirements. This is what we started with. The result is a beautiful series of simple and clear drawings. The drawings clearly show the information and can be used consistently.