Walk on wheels

Developed for a wheelchair path, accessible to everyone!
Walk on wheels plaque 4
Walk on wheels plaque 3
Walk on wheels plaque
Walk on wheels plaque 1
Walk on wheels plaque 1, ambience image

Wheelchair path ‘Walk on wheels’

I have developed four information boards for the ‘Walking on wheels’ working group. The information boards are located at the wheelchair path that was built in 2017 in Son en Breugel. These signs indicate the 2 kilometer long route of the wheelchair path. In addition, brief information is given about the nature in the area and the history of the area.

How are the plates made

The plates are completely drawn and painted with watercolor paint and Indian ink. The drawings were then digitally merged as in a collage. The drawings are incorporated in the collage so that they form a beautiful whole. The result is that a beautiful experience of the area is shown. Two signs have a time indication in them. One is historical, the other focuses on the seasons. The other two signs focus on the fauna and flora. Verhees products from Son en Breugel is responsible for the placement of the signs. The lyrics are written by Saskia Martens, sometimes in the form of a poem and sometimes in a more informative way.