Van 5 juli t/m 16 juli ben ik niet aanwezig ivm vakantie

I will not be present from july 5 to july  16 due to vacation.

Drawn poems

An illustration with poem, especially for you. Drawn poems are for everyone.


Drawn Poems, Poster ‘Woodpecker’
Drawn Poems, Poster ‘Why?’
Drawn Poems, Poster ‘Rabbit Hopsa’
Drawn Poems, Poster ‘Mouse’
Drawn Poems, Poster ‘Bear Bear jumps to the moon’
Drawn Poems Poster ‘Bron’


Postcard ‘Why?’
Postcard ‘When I look at you’
Postcard ‘Sometimes I’d Like To Give You’
Postcard ‘Our footsteps’
Postcard ‘Duck in the ditch’
Postcard ‘Beep chick beep’
Postcard ‘Bear Bear plays with ball’
Postcard ‘Bear Bear Jumps to the Moon’

Drawn poems

Drawn poems are for everyone. Image and text are coordinated. The text is written for the image and the image is made for the text. Signed Poems is an initiative set up by Saskia Martens and me. We strive to make a number of our own cards every year, out of love for the profession, because we are completely free and because we think we have a nice product.

Drawn custom poem

Every special occasion deserves special attention. We give these with a drawn poem. You will receive a uniquely drawn poem from us, completely in style. And whether that remains a painting or is distributed as a poster, card, invitation, placemat, apron, pillow, a promotional gift or something completely different, we look at this together per assignment and per work of art.

Made for you by…

Signed Poems is an initiative that was born in mid-2012 out of enthusiasm and love for words and art. Enthusiasm with Saskia Martens and with me. Saskia writes the texts, I make illustrations for them. The result is a drawn poem, unique and made with love for words and images.

Use of materials

I use the materials that seem most suitable for the expression. I may opt for a pasty paint, such as acrylic. Acrylic is a good paint if, for example, the subject requires a painterly translation. But I could also opt for a full digital elaboration, for example, if that fits the idea.

Here you can view the website of Signed Poems.