Family Torino

A picture book about the loss of your baby during your pregnancy or delivery

Family Torino

“After the loss of Guusje Jop in 2010 and Gijsje in 2011, there was anger, sorrow and emptiness. I took the time to reflect my experiences and feelings in this picture book. The creation of this book has given me the opportunity to “To further process impactful events and to give my daughters the recognition that they exist. I hope this booklet will be of support to young children, parents and everyone around them.”

Saskia Megens


Title: De familie Torino
©2019 – Saskia Megens

ISBN: 978-90-9032586-6
Press: Drukkerij De Bink bv
Idea and storyline: Saskia Megens
Illustrations and graphic design: Maarten van den Beemt
Text: Saskia Martens
Language: Dutch