Van 5 juli t/m 16 juli ben ik niet aanwezig ivm vakantie

I will not be present from july 5 to july  16 due to vacation.

Monument route Helmond

A map along monuments of Helmond
Tracking map ‘SpeurmoNUmentje in Helmond’ Cover
Tracking map ‘SpeurmoNUmentje in Helmond’, side with assignments
Tracking map ‘SpeurmoNUmentje in Helmond’, side with map
By using this tracking map, children from groups 7 and 8 come into contact with special sights in the center of Helmond. The children come to the Helmond castle and the cube houses (which originated in Helmond). In addition, they also come into contact with the history of the city. For example, how the earlier the canals were dug.

There are a number of assignments on the back of the map. By making these assignments, the children will thoroughly examine the buildings. Children will learn more about their environment and they also learn about the history of their city.

Because this map has to be used for several years, an insert has also been developed. Because it is a loose insert, a different theme can be highlighted every year.

With this card we have been declared the winner of the Peel Troffee 2016! We are of course very proud of this.

The card was developed for National Monuments Day, commissioned by Cultuurcontact Helmond.

How is it made?

This map was created by bringing together separate drawings in a collage. Because the drawings are made by hand with watercolor and Indian ink, they have a spontaneous appearance.