Van 5 juli t/m 16 juli ben ik niet aanwezig ivm vakantie

I will not be present from july 5 to july  16 due to vacation.

The Zandbos tells, Deurne and De Speelberg, Neerkant

Fun educational routes that end at a playground in the forest.

Booklet ‘Ssst…’t Zandbos tells’

For children aged 8-12

De Speelberg… the same concept, but slightly smaller

For children aged 4-7 years

The Play mountain, cover
The Play mountain, inside

‘t Zandbos tells

Booklet accompanied by illustrations in the trees of ‘t Zandbos in Deurne

This booklet is part of a project in ‘t Zandbos in Deurne. The aim is to introduce children to the wooded area and the myth of ‘t Zandbos. Children are introduced to the local nature and myth in a playful and educational way.

How it works

With the booklet you can follow the route in \’t Zandbos that ends at a large playground. In the trees along the route there are large illustrations that refer to a drawing in the booklet. With each illustration, the booklet tells an instructive story or gives an assignment that children can perform. For the smallest among us, the parents or supervisor can read the stories. The lyrics are provided by Saskia Martens

The booklet is available free of charge at VVV De Peel

Walking in ‘t Zandbos
5752 SJ Deurne

The Speelberg

The Speelberg
in Neerkant is a variant of the route in ‘t Zandbos. Because the route is less long, we have chosen to use a different shape for the accompanying text. Namely an illustrated luxury folder, which is printed on nice thick paper. The concept has remained the same. A fun educational route in nature for children that ends at a playground. Here too, the route is accompanied by the illustrations that hang in the trees and refer to the texts in the folder. Very nice for the schools that are nearby!

The brochure is available here.

Walking in “De Speelberg”?
Speelberg Neerkantse bossen
5758 Neerkant