Van 5 juli t/m 16 juli ben ik niet aanwezig ivm vakantie

I will not be present from july 5 to july  16 due to vacation.

Walking along the Dommel, Eindhoven

An educational route in the heart of Eindhoven

Activity-booklet ‘Walking along the Dommel’

For children aged 4-7

Activity-map ‘Discovery along the Dommel’

For children aged 8-12

Map ‘Discovery along the Dommel’ Cover
Map, unfolded side with assignments
Map ‘Discovery along the Dommel’ route

The booklet ‘Drentelen along the Dommel’

The Eindhovense route Drentelen along the Dommel is a fun and educational booklet, full of educational assignments and games. The route is close to the shopping center in Eindhoven. The route starts at the Van Abbe Museum and ends at the Effenaar. Children aged 4-7 can indulge themselves and at the same time gain knowledge of Nature and History in the area, in a playful way.

In the booklet you will be guided by Prik. Prik is a cheerful figure that is derived from the special fish the European Brook lamprey (Translantion in dutch: Beekprik), that occurs in the Dommel.

We also have a tracking map

Tracking along the Dommel
There is also a nice track available for older children. With the tracking route, children can find out for themselves how to walk and to which part of the route the facts and educational assignments apply.

The booklet and map are available at the Van Abbe museum and the Tourist office in Eindhoven.